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Brand Concept

We provide added- value for chemicals

WPA PIGMENT is one of the most important business segments of WPA Chemicals Group. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, WPA PIGMENT can provide customized color solutions. We have cooperative factories and laboratories in China and India, with WPA PIGMENT and VOXCO two brands, providing various organic and inorganic pigments, which can be widely used in coating, plastic, ink, rubber, paper, ceramics, textile, food, cosmetics, electronics and other industries.

Our company has rich products in the special pigment sector, covering coatings, plastics, rubber, inks, papermaking, ceramics, textiles and foods, cosmetics, electronic components and other application fields. The core business of titanium dioxide can supply domestic high-quality sulfuric process, chloride process and special-purpose titanium dioxide (such as food grade, cosmetic grade, electronic grade). As of 2023, more than 20,000 tons have been sold globally.

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Subsidiaries Profile

Full services for customers in various fields and regions

WPA Chemicals Limited

We've been deeply involved in the chemical industry for more than 15 years, business areas include dyes and pigments, rubber and plastic chemicals, personal care and cosmetic raw materials, food additives, electronic chemicals, flavors and fragrances, plant extractants, surfactants, water treatment chemicals, catalysts, pharmaceutical intermediates, agricultural chemicals, etc.

WEICAN Supply Chain Management

It aims to provide customers with a wide variety of products while utilizing a complete global logistics system and a professional logistics team to provide professional transportation solutions for customers in different industries, such as photovoltaic semiconductors, machinery and equipment, chemical industry, manufacturing, etc., such as door-to-door, overseas warehousing, customer customization and other comprehensive logistics services.

Overseas Subsidiary

In order to serve local customers in all aspects, our company has set up offices and warehouses in Russia, South Korea, India, and Italy to better solve the needs of customers of different sizes for goods delivery, payment methods, and account terms.

Production Base

Inorganic Pigment

Production base located in Ganzhou, Jiangxi — Produces high-performance composite inorganic color pigments (CICP), which can be used in high-performance coatings, engineering plastics, building materials, glass sintering inks, and military industries.

Oversea partner

 Production base located in India, is a specialized manufacturer of inorganic pigments and was once the foundry of CIba Chemical.

Organic Pigment

Production base located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, the company has an annual production capacity of 8,000 tons of organic pigments, including more than 60 color varieties. The products are widely used in coating, ink, paint, plastic and fabric printing, building materials coloring and other industries.

Titanium Dioxide

WPA has partnered with the GPRO Group, a strong manufacturing company in China, and with its subsidiary, the Nanjing-based titanium dioxide chemical plant, to manufacture Tio2 on behalf of WPA.


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