Common Top Ten Coating Varieties and their Characteristics

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1: Acrylic latex paint

Acrylic latex paint generally by acrylic emulsion, color packing, water, additives. It has the advantages of moderate cost, good weather resistance, good performance adjustment, no organic solvent release, and so on. It is a kind of coating product which develops very rapidly recently. Mainly used for building interior and exterior coating, leather coating and so on. Recently, there appeared a new variety such as latex paint with wood, from crosslinking type latex paint. Acrylic LATEX PAINT according to the different emulsion can be divided into pure C, benzene C, silicon C, vinegar C and other varieties.

2: Solvent – based acrylic paint

Solvent-based acrylic paint with excellent weather resistance, high mechanical properties, is a fast developing coating. Solvent-based acrylic paint can be divided into self-drying acrylic paint (thermoplastic type) and crosslinking curing acrylic paint (thermosetting type), the former belongs to the non-transforming paint, the latter belongs to the transforming paint. Self-drying ACRYLIC COATING IS mainly USED IN BUILDING COATINGS, plastic coatings, electronic coatings, road marking coatings, etc. It HAS the advantages of rapid surface drying, easy construction, protection and decoration. The disadvantage is that the solid content is not easy to be too high, hardness, elasticity is not easy to take into account, a construction can not get a very thick film, film fullness is not ideal. Crosslinking curing acrylic paint mainly acrylic amino paint, acrylic polyurethane paint, acrylic alkyd paint, radiation curing acrylic paint and other varieties. Widely used in automotive coatings, electrical coatings, wood coatings, architectural coatings and other aspects. Crosslinking SOLIDIfied acrylic coating generally has a high solid content, a coating can get a very thick film, and good mechanical properties, can be made into high weather resistance, high fullness, high elasticity, high hardness of the coating. The disadvantage is that the two-component coating, the construction is more troublesome, many varieties also need heating curing or radiation curing, the environmental conditions are relatively high, generally need better equipment, more skilled painting skills.

3: Polyurethane coating

Polyurethane coating is a common kind of coating at present, which can be divided into two components polyurethane coating and one component polyurethane coating. Two-component polyurethane coating is generally composed of isocyanate prepolymer (also called low molecular carbamate polymer) and two parts containing hydroxyl resin, commonly known as curing agent component and main agent component. This kind of coating varieties are many, the application range is also very wide, according to the different hydroxyl component can be divided into acrylic polyurethane, alkyd polyurethane, polyester polyurethane, polyether polyurethane, epoxy polyurethane and other varieties. Generally, it has good mechanical properties, high solid content and good performance in all aspects. It is a kind of coating that has the development prospect very much at present. The main application directions are wood coatings, automotive repair coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, floor coatings, electronic coatings, special coatings and so on. The disadvantage is that the construction process is complicated, the requirements for the construction environment are very high, and the paint film is easy to produce defects. One component polyurethane coating mainly has ammonia ester oil coating, moisture curing polyurethane coating, closed type polyurethane coating and other varieties. Applications are not as wide as two-component coatings, mainly used in floor coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, pre-coil coatings, etc., its overall performance is not as comprehensive as two-component coatings.

4:Nitrocellulose paint

Nitrocellulose paint is a common coating for wood and decoration. The advantages are good decorative effect, simple construction, rapid drying, low requirements for coating environment, good hardness and brightness, not easy to appear paint film defects, easy to repair. The disadvantage is that the solid content is low and more construction passages are needed to achieve better results. Durability is not very good, especially the nitro paint, its light and color retention is not good, use a little longer it is easy to appear such as loss of light, cracking, discoloration and other ills; Film protection is not good, not resistant to organic solvents, heat, corrosion. The main film forming material of nitrocellulose paint is mainly nitrocellulose, with alkyd resin, modified rosin resin, acrylic resin, amino resin and other hard and soft resins. Generally also need to add dibutyl phthalate, dioctyl ester, oxidized castor oil and other plasticizers. The main solvents are esters, ketones, alcohols and other true solvents, alcohols and other cosolvents, as well as benzene and other diluents. Nitro paint is mainly used in wood and furniture painting, home decoration, general decorative painting, metal painting, general cement painting and so on.

5:Epoxy paint

Epoxy paint is a kind of industrial coating which develops very rapidly in recent years. Generally speaking, the coating which contains more epoxy groups is called epoxy paint. The main varieties of epoxy paint are two-component coatings, which consist of epoxy resin and curing agent. There are some other single-component self-drying varieties, but its performance and two-component coatings compared with a certain gap. The main advantage of epoxy paint is strong adhesion to cement, metal and other inorganic materials; The paint itself is very resistant to corrosion; Excellent mechanical properties, wear resistance, impact resistance; Can be made into solvent-free or high solid paint; Resistance to organic solvents, heat and water; The film is non-toxic. Disadvantage is bad weather resistance, sunlight irradiation for a long time may appear powder phenomenon, so can only be used for primer or internal paint; Decorative is poor, luster is not easy to maintain; High requirements for the construction environment, low temperature film curing slow, the effect is not good; Many varieties require high temperature curing, coating equipment investment is large. Epoxy resin coating is mainly used for floor coating, automotive primer, metal anticorrosion, chemical anticorrosion, etc.

6: Amino paint

Amino paint mainly consists of two parts, one is the amino resin component, mainly butyl etherized melamine formaldehyde resin, methyl etherized melamine formaldehyde resin, butyl etherized urea formaldehyde resin and other resins. The second is the hydroxyl resin part, mainly short oil alkyd resin, containing hydroxyacrylic resin, epoxy resin and other resins. Amino paint in addition to the urea formaldehyde resin paint used for wood coatings (commonly known as acid curing paint), the main varieties need to be heated curing, curing temperature is generally in 100℃ above, curing time in more than 20 minutes. The cured film has excellent performance, hard and plump, bright and gorgeous, firm and durable, and has a good decorative and protective effect. The disadvantage is that the requirements of coating equipment is high, high energy consumption, is not suitable for small production. Amino paint is mainly used for car paint, furniture painting, household appliances painting, all kinds of metal surface painting, instrument and industrial equipment painting.

7: Alkyd paint

Alkyd paint is mainly composed of alkyd resin. Is the largest domestic production of a class of coatings. It has the advantages of cheap price, simple construction, low requirements for the construction environment, fullness and hardness of the film, good durability and weather resistance, good decoration and protection. Drawback is dry slower, coating film achieves TALLER requirement NOT EASILY, DO NOT SUIT FOR THE occasion of high adornment SEX. Alkyd PAINT IS MAINLY USED IN GENERAL WOOD, furniture and home decoration coating, general metal decoration coating, metal anti-corrosion coating with low requirements, general agricultural machinery, automobile, instrumentation, industrial equipment coating and so on.

8: Unsaturated polyester paint

Unsaturated polyester paint is also a kind of coating which develops rapidly recently. It is divided into air drying unsaturated polyester and radiation curing (light curing) unsaturated polyester. The main advantage is that it can be made of solvent-free paint, a brush can get a thicker film, the coating temperature requirements are not high, and the film decorative effect is good, the film is tough and wear-resistant, easy to maintain. The disadvantages are that the shrinkage rate of the film is larger when curing, the adhesion to the base material is prone to problems, the air-dry unsaturated polyester generally needs polishing treatment, the procedure is more complicated, the radiation curing unsaturated polyester has higher requirements for coating equipment, and is not suitable for small production. Unsaturated polyester paint is mainly used for furniture, wooden floors, metal corrosion and other aspects.

9: Vinyl paint

Vinyl paint including chloride vinegar copolymer resin paint, polyvinyl butyral paint, vinylidene chloride, vinyl perchloride, chlorosulfonated polyethylene paint and other varieties. The main advantages of vinyl paint are weather resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, water resistance, insulation, mildew resistance, good flexibility. Its SHORTCOMING IS BASICALLY EXPRESSED IN heat RESISTANCE GENERAL, NOT EASY TO MAKE HIGH solid coating, mechanical properties are general, ADORNMENT performance is poor and so on. Vinyl paint is mainly used in industrial anticorrosion coating, electrical insulation coating, phosphating primer, metal coating, external coating and so on.

10. Phenolic paint

Phenolic resin is the product formed by the condensation of phenol and aldehyde in the presence of catalyst. Oil soluble phenolic resin is mainly used in paint industry. Phenolic paint has the advantages of fast drying, bright and hard film, good resistance to water and chemical corrosion. The disadvantage is easy to yellow, should not be made into light paint, weather resistance is not good. Phenolic paint is mainly used in anticorrosion coating, insulation coating, general metal coating, general decorative coating and so on.

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